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Packaging materials

In addition to providing customized corrugated cardboard packaging, we can also provide you with all related packaging materials such as:
  • Hand wrapping foil
  • Machine wrap foil
  • Mini-stretch
  • Printed tape
  • Unprinted tape
  • Strapping band
  • Bubbelfoam
  • Foam
  • Etc.

Paper wool

We are the producer of paperwool. Paperwool is a cheap and environmentally friendly filling material suitable for filling gift boxes, Christmas gift boxes, wine packages, and fruit baskets. Paperwool is a recycling product and by using this product you contribute to sustainability. Paperwool is produced following the cradle-to-cradle principle. The raw material of paper wool is made of waste streams. Paper wool is recyclable.
Papierwol zachtgeel
Papierwol wit
Papierwol crème