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Corrugated packaging

We specialize in the development and delivery of customized corrugated cardboard packaging of small to large sizes. These can be made in light (1.4 mm = E-flute) to very heavy water-resistant glued TOP qualities (15 mm = AAA-flute) printed and / or unprinted. 

Our packaging range includes:
  • Corrugated pallet and cover sheets
  • Small filling and/or protection sheets
  • Standard corrugated boxes
  • Semi-bulk packaging such as pallet boxes, octabins and SLIBCs (Square Laminated Intermediate Bulk Container)
  • Die-cut packaging
  • Laminated packaging (different corrugated parts glued to each other in order to increase the strength and BCT value )
  • Corrugated inserts

Our specialties

Corrugated inserts

We are able to produce inserts without die-cutting. The inserts can be made of B-C-EB or BC corrugated board quality. The inserts are mechanically assembled and directly ready for use.

Corrugated sheets

We can supply you custom-made corrugated sheets in small and large quantities. The sheets can be produced from single to triple wall qualities. Some possible application of the sheets are: pallet sheets, protection sheets, or sheets between layers of products.

Lamination of corrugated packaging parts

We have the unique ability to glue different corrugated parts to each other. Corrugated boxes (from single wall to triple wall *) can be laminated with a corrugated inner sleeve in order to increase the bending stiffness and the compression strength of a box. Lamination can be applied to both small boxes and large (pallet) boxes. Corrugated (die-cut) sheets can be laminated as well.

Die-cut corrugated packaging

On our flat-bed die-cutter we are able to die-cut your packaging in smaller or larger series. It is even possible to die-cut triple wall (thickness 15 mm) corrugated board.

Plotter products

A plotter is a cutting machine on which a packaging design from a CAD-CAM drawing can be cut from a corrugated board. On this machine we can realize your corrugated packaging design and ideas in smaller quantities . An order as small as 1 piece is possible. The maximum size of the corrugated sheets we can put on our plotter is 2400 x 5000 mm. The maximum thickness that can be processed on this plotter is 15 mm.